Domestic violence, mental illness, marital breakdown, sexual abuse, and family breakdown, finance management issues and self esteem issues are amongst some of the problems that people have to deal with.

Furthermore, we live in a society, where an increasing number of people have experienced personal trauma in their lives, due to the social fragmentation, alienation and family breakdown, which is now common, in our society.

With this fact in mind, Pastors Tom & Lurline Miller established Miller’s Counselling & Training Services (MCTS)

    • Provide clinical counselling for the individual, children and couples
    • Run accredited and academically recognised counselling/Christian counselling courses
    • Develop a network of Christian counsellors across the UK and abroad
MCTS have already begun to achieve some of their aims.
In 2003, they launched their accredited courses and many students in the UK and Trinidad have completed the course.

They have run a number of workshops introducing people to the concept of Christian counselling and also provide counselling services for a number of churches and secular organisations.